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     My professional organizing journey began very early on in life.​ At age 12, my childhood was  affected by my father's drug addiction which ultimately resulted in the State of Connecticut  removing me from his care. When this happened, I moved into my aunt's home with literally just  the clothes on my back. Traumatized by having to instantly live a new life and mourning the loss of  everything I had ever known, I quickly learned the value of my childhood home and the familiar  mementos I had just lost. This experience turned out to be a life long process of coping, relearning,  and hard decision making on my part so that I can free myself and help others.While living with  my aunt, I went on to attend a trade high school where I chose Carpentry as my trade to learn.  Graduating at the top of my class, my carpentry background has afforded me the understanding of  what it takes to build and maintain a home.

     Also, straight out of high school I attended college and obtained a Paralegal degree that  provided me strong knowledge of our country's legal system. I soon went on to tie my trade and my  degree together by obtaining my real estate license in Florida where I practiced real estate for a  few years and met my gorgeous husband. More recently, I gained a Bachelor's degree in Business  Communications and Accounting and an Interior Decorating certificate for the benefit of my  professional organizing business that I started in 2012.Having worked since I was age 15, the  greatest amount and most rewarding part of my work experience has been in customer service. I am  an extremely hard worker and the customer is always my top priority. I believe that all of my  experience, both personal and professional, has allowed me to master the organizational and  interpersonal skills it takes to be a professional organizer.

     I started my business because I truly love helping others accomplish their goals in life and I  understand most, if not all of the difficulties that we may face while doing so. My business also  allows me to do my part in protecting the environment by helping others recycle, reuse, and re-  purpose their belongings. Personally, I am naturally a very organized person but I am  always seeking out better ways or options to be organized for myself and my clients. Furthermore,  I will  never stop learning because I believe that is what life is all about. So, let me show you what I  have  learned along the way that will make your life goals (big or small) easier to achieve....

​Sincerely, Nicole